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Phone Reports on 7756713646

Reported by: LJPinNV Reported On: 2014-03-07 12:06:59

Caller asked my mileage on our 2010 Chevy Tahoe. I gave it then the caller stated that the "onboard computer sent a message about it being out of warranty. Let me transfer you over to a supervisor so we can see about getting you an [extension or some such]." Ah, no thanks. You see, if my vehicle computer sent that kind of message, it would have also told you my mileage and you wouldn't have to ask for it. Also, I doubt very highly that my Chevy is smart enough to know my name or my phone number since it hates me, but likes my wife. No thanks. Go sell to someone else. I then hung up. At the beginning of the call they did give a company identifier but I don't remember the name.

They called my Home Time of call:9:47AM
Type of call: Telemarketer CallerID Shown: 775-671-3646
Company Name: NONE LISTED OR SHOWN Caller Name:
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